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Today, I want to tell you the story of three friends with a passion for two wheels. Francisco, João, and Pedro. The first two participated in ACT Portugal (Adventure Country Track) during Easter 2022, a crossing of Portugal on their maxi-enduro bikes. A Transalp and a GS 1200. They enjoyed the journey, the landscapes fascinated them, but something was missing. The route was over 60% off-road, following secondary paths across the country.

pink my bike

Despite that, these paths had already been traversed by hundreds of motorcyclists, all in more or less the same way, all facing similar difficulties. And with such beastly bikes, what difficulties could they have? Sure, maneuvering 250 kg is a lot, but otherwise, everything is normal. So, from a discussion that started by chance, an idea began to develop in the minds of the guys… You don’t need a rally-prepared bike to cross Portugal, and with more manageable means, you would have even more fun.

We at Lentamente strongly believe in this idea. If you want to learn more about the means I usually travel with, you can find the link here .

pink my bike

But now let’s get back to our story… They start an online search to find a rental for small-displacement bikes to participate in upcoming events. Impossible. They only find huge bikes, 750, 990, 1250. While they are traveling, they talk on the intercom, discussing which bike would be suitable, which routes to take, and in no time, they involve Pedro and register the website:

So, they sell the GS and buy Honda Monkeys 125. It takes some time to find the color, store, etc., but in November 2022, they manage to open their rental and tour business. Sure, you can rent the bikes for a few hours, but their strong point is organizing custom tours independently. They decided to combine the positive experiences of years of riding and eliminate the annoying parts. Pinkmybike’s mission is to explore and have fun. They are located in Bragança, in the northeast of Portugal, a mountainous area famous for the production of Porto.

The excursions are completely customizable, starting from 2 days, and along with the bike, a navigator and a helmet with an intercom are always provided.

pink my bike

The aesthetics of the bike (including the color), its ease of riding, the ability to ride it without an A2-A3 license, and the possibility to communicate among the tour participants, combined with a meticulously planned route, ensure an unforgettable experience. If you want more information, you can find the link to their Facebook and Instagram pages here.

Have you ever had a motorcycle rental experience? What were your impressions? What excited you and what didn’t you like?
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